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Drug rehab center to rise in Abra town

Abra: This agricultural town will have its drug rehabilitation center, called Balay Silangan, within the year and will accommodate those from other municipalities.

The project is funded by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) upon the request of the town, according to Mayor Jane Cecilia on Monday.

DDB allotted PHP5 million for the facility that broke ground Saturday at the compound of the newly constructed municipal building in Barangay Patiao.

‘We do not have a drug problem. It is not much of a concern in Peñarrubia but we want to make sure that we have a facility that will handle the rehabilitation of our townmates who might be led astray into engaging in the illegal drugs activity,’ Cecilia told the Philippine News Agency in a phone interview.

The facility, to be constructed on a land donated by the municipal government, will have living quarters, a cooking area, a gymnasium, an open area for events and activities of the occupants, and a recreation area for ‘temporary residents’ who are completing their r
ehabilitation process as ordered by the courts.

Cecilia said the facility will be managed by the municipal government and will be secured by the police.

Peñarrubia has a population of about 6,951 and 1,672 households based on the 2020 census on population.

It is located about eight kilometers away from the capital town Bangued.

Source: Philippines News Agency