Honest airport worker returns cash for 2nd time

The honest maintenance worker at the Cauayan Airport in Isabela province has turned over unattended cash to authorities for the second time, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) announced Monday. Alexander Nuñez found a wallet with PHP78,595 and some dollar bills on a luggage cart at the airport’s parking area on Sunday. He immediately surrendered the wallet at the airport’s Lost and Found section. CAAP said the owner, who approached the Security and Intelligence Service section, was able to claim the wallet on the same day. Nuñez is the same worker who found an envelope with PHP82,000 cash, mobile phone and important documents unattended on a baggage cart last July. Because of the documents, authorities were able to identify the owner and return the items to her. “His (Nuñez) consistent actions reflect a pattern of behavior that goes above and beyond the call of duty, setting a shining example for his colleagues and the community at large,” CAAP said in a statement, commending the worker’s honesty. It added, “The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines takes immense pride in employees like Mr. Alexander Nuñez, who uphold the principles of honesty and integrity that are essential to maintaining a strong and trustworthy aviation environment.”

Source: Philippines News Agency