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Laos import-export value reaches US$968 million

In the first seven months of 2022, Laos’s import and export values have reached US$968 million, according to information from the Lao Portal Trade.The export volume recorded US$ 427 million and the import value is about US$541 million with the trade deficit of US$114 million.

The categories of export goods included paper products, gold, wood bait, scrap paper, rubber, iron ore, clothes, beverages (water, soft drinks, energy drinks), sugar and shoes.

Main export countries are China with a value of approximately US$ 162 million, Vietnam US$ 105 million, Thailand US$ 47 million, Australia US$ 30 million and Singapore US$ 13 million.

The main import countries are Thailand with a value of US$ 264 million, China US$ 142 million, Vietnam US$ 34 million, the United State US$31 million and Japan US$13 million.

Source: Lao News Agency