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Laos records ex-im value of US$989 million in February

Laos recorded an international trade value of US$989 million in February, excluding electricity exports, according to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

With exports reaching US$519 million and imports estimated at US$471 million, Laos posted a trade surplus of US$48 million in February.

Major exports included gold, gold bars, paper and paper products, gold ores, rubber, cassava, iron ores, banana, garments and footwear, copper and copper products.

Meanwhile, imports were dominated by vehicles, diesel, machineries, precious and semi-precious stones, wood pulp and scrap paper, auto parts, plastic products, electrical appliances and electronics, gasoline, premium gasoline and chemical products.

China remained the largest export market for the Lao PDR as the exports to the country reached US$204 million in February, followed by Vietnam US$85 million, Thailand US$123 million, Australia US$27 million and India US$14 million.

Meanwhile, Thailand ranked the largest import market for the Lao PDR with imports from the neighbor reaching US$235 million followed by China US$74 million, Vietnam US$33 million, Switzerland US$39 million and the United States US$26 million.

Source: Lao News Agency