Russian Embassy updates the latest situation in Ukraine

Third Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Laos, Mr Danil A. Vodopianov held a press briefing in Vientiane on Friday to update the current situation in Ukraine saying that three foreign mercenaries fighting on Ukraine’s side have been sentenced to death in eastern Ukraine by a court in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

‘’We hope such severe punishment for the crime in Donbass will become a good example for all the other mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine.’’

Danil A. Vodopianov, whose post mentioned above, stating that besides to conducting the special military operation, the Russian forces also is providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine people. Paying close attention to the humanitarian situation in the liberated areas and is helping to restore peace.

‘’Every day, the Russian Ministry of Defense announces the opening of humanitarian corridors for the safe evacuation of civilians. Russian troops have rescued cities and fields from unexploded ordnance in the liberated areas of Ukraine.

Peaceful lives have been restored, including in the economic and industrial spheres, infrastructure has been rebuilt, enterprises have started operations, schools, kindergartens and hospitals have been reopened, ’’ added Mr Danil A. Vodopianov.

Source: Lao News Agency