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Salmonella cases in PH rise to 13K in 2023

MANILA: Salmonella cases in the Philippines rose to 13,000 in 2023, from 9,000 in 2022, according to data provided by a Department of Science and Technology returning scientist on Monday.

Homer Pantua said in a televised briefing that officials need to quickly address the public health concern.

‘There are 83 million cases globally. In the Philippines, salmonella cases were 9,000 in 2022 and increased to 42 percent from January to August 2023,” Pantua said.

The salmonella bacteria are passed from feces of people or animals.

“The foodborne salmonellosis causes gastro intestinal disorders, fever and abdominal cramps in people. In animals, the livestock salmonella result in decreased productivity,” he said.

Pantua said the bacteria could come from raw and undercooked foods such as eggs and meat.

Meats that are not properly processed or have been contaminated could also produce the bacteria.

“What we do as scientists is we coordinate with producers and research institutions… Right now, we are collaboratin
g with the BEPCO (Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative) so we could determine the causes of salmonella in eggs. They are serious in providing safe and quality eggs to the consumers,” Pantua said.

Source: Philippines News Agency