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Follow MMDA’s ticketing system, SC tells Metro Manila LGUs

MANILA: The Supreme Court (SC) has invalidated provisions of ordinances by local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila allowing their respective traffic enforcers to issue violation receipts and confiscate driver’s licenses.

‘A permanent injunction is hereby issued to enjoin respondent local government units from further issuing ordinance violation receipts; and confiscating licenses through their own traffic enforcers, unless they are deputized by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA),’ the court said in its 42-page decision uploaded March 4 and penned by Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa.

This stemmed from a suit filed by 11 transport groups before the Court of Appeals in 2006, claiming that different citations from the MMDA and the LGUs are confusing as some bodies do not recognize tickets by other LGUs or the MMDA.

While the case was pending in 2012, a resolution by the MMDA Metro Manila Council (MMC) then adopted a uniform ticketing system and established a system of interconnectivi
ty among the LGUs involved in transport and traffic management in Metro Manila.

In December of that year, the appellate court dismissed the suit, prompting the petitioners to elevate the case to the high tribunal.

The tribunal, in its ruling, said traffic management in the LGUs is covered by the MMDA Law.

‘(T)he Court thus declares as invalid the common provision in the said traffic codes or ordinances of the LGUs in Metro Manila empowering each of them to issue OVR (ordinance violation receipts) to erring drivers and motorists,’ the SC said.

It added that the measure does not undermine the autonomy of the LGUs, noting that “their interests are amply protected by the very structure of the MMDA as established by the MMDA Law.’

Source: Philippines News Agency