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Breathtaking Muong Thanh paddy field in Dien Bien province

Muong Thanh rice field in Dien Bien province is the largest rice field in the northwestern region of Vietnam. The field has a span of 140 square kilometres and stretches over 20 kilometres through different communes and districts of Dien Bien province. In May, Muong Thanh rice field turns a bright green-yellow colour, attracting visitors for its breathtaking view and endless stretches of green fields. For many generations, Muong Thanh field has nurtured the ethnic people living here. However, during the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, Muong Thanh field was an artillery battlefield lined with trenches, giving it a significant historical value. Visiting Muong Thanh rice field, tourists will be satisfied with the peaceful view while also having a chance to learn about the glorious history of Dien Bien province.

Source: Vietnam News Agency