May 9 – “Victory Day” in Russia

Every year on May 9 Russia celebrates “Victory Day” to commemorate the Soviet Union’s victory in World War II – the bloodiest and cruelest war of the XX century.

In our country it is usually referred to as the “Great Patriotic War”, ? term used to describe the war between the USSR and Nazi Germany and its satellites. This victory had a decisive meaning for the outcome of World War II, which came to an end several months later, in September 1945.

It would only be fair to emphasize the crucial contribution of the Soviet people to the victory over Nazism. It was the Soviet Union that absorbed the brunt of the Nazi invasion, becoming the main barrier in the way of spreading Fascist domination upon peoples of the world.

Three fourths of the German armed forces were defeated on the German-Soviet Front. The Red Army fully or partially liberated Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, eastern regions of Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Denmark, north-eastern provinces of China and Korea and conquered Berlin. At the same time, our country paid an enormous price for the victory – the total demographical losses amounted to

27 million people.

The victory could only be achieved by joint efforts of all who took part in the struggle against Nazism on the side of the Allied Forces. We remember the assistance received from our Allies, including through Lend-Lease policy of the USA which supplied the USSR and other countries with food, oil and military equipment.

The victory over Nasizm remains a lesson to the mankind that is relevant today, when there are still those who are trying to revive this abhorring ideology and rewrite history. Manifestations of racism, violent extremism, aggressive nationalism and neo-Nazism are on the rise in the world. Unfortunately, immunity against the Nazi virus in some countries has significantly weakened. We are witnessing unscrupulous attempts to falsify history, denigrate the liberator soldiers, invent ways to whitewash Nazis and their henchmen. A campaign has been launched in some countries to demolish monuments to soldiers who died for peace and freedom on our continent, who gave their lives to save many nations from disappearing under the Nazi boot.

Now we are seeing that the ideology of Nazism – this time in its modern guise – is again creating direct threats to our national security. But nobody should doubt Russia will continue to strongly oppose this vicious policy. We have many friends all over the world. In our interactions with partners, we will uphold historical truth, and the ideals of good and justice. The honour and good name of the victors and the outcome of World War II are inviolable.

Today we need to learn due lessons from the tragic past. Humankind must always remember the terrible consequences of attempts to establish world domination, the belief in one’s own exceptionality, unscrupulous behavior in achieving one’s dubious goals and the neglect of rules of law and mortality. The destiny of the world cannot be determined by one state or a small group of “elect”/ Security should be equal and indivisible for all participants of international life. Erecting a sturdy barrier to the spread of ides of intolerance, xenophobia, racial, national or other superiority is our sacred duty to those who paid with their blood and lives for saving mankind from the horrors of the fascist scourge.

Russia would always stand ready to work together in mutually respectful cooperation, to unite efforts and jointly search for solutions to all existing problems in the interest of promoting peace, stability and security.

On the special occasion of the “Victory Day” we warmly congratulate everyone, all defenders of our Motherland today, all Russians and compatriots abroad, including in the Lao PDR.

Happy celebrations of the triumph of life and justice on our National Holiday!

Vladimir Kalinin

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Russian Federation to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Source: Lao News Agency