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President Jokowi distributes rice reserves as food assistance in 2023

Sukoharjo, Central Java (ANTARA) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) distributed Government Rice Reserves (CBP) as food assistance for 2023 at the state-owned logistics service, Bulog warehouse in Kartasura, Sukoharjo District, Central Java, on Monday.”For the next three months, the government will provide 10 kilograms of rice per month for beneficiary families. In the near future, we will also distribute it to districts and city in Solo,” he remarked. Jokowi noted that in total, 21.3 million beneficiary families (KPM) throughout the country will be receiving food assistance. “I hope this food assistance would help to reduce the price of rice. I have also checked that the harvest season is still ongoing in East Java, South Sulawesi, Central Java, and West Java. There is no problem with our rice supply,” he remarked. The president also said that his side will continue the rice import as part of the government’s strategic move in ensuring rice reserves. “Just in case, we are preparing to face El Nino phenomenon. In general, we have not reached our harvest season because some provinces have not finished their harvest. We will announce the grand total of the rice harvest season once it is finished,” he explained. Meanwhile, the president noted that the prices of staple goods ahead of Eid al-Fitr are currently stable. The head of state confirmed to have checked the prices of basic commodities in Boyolali District, Central Java. “The price of cayenne pepper increased one to two months ago at Rp90 thousand per kilogram, though today, it is only Rp20 thousand per kilogram. The price of eggs was also Rp32 thousand per kilogram, and now, it is around Rp25 thousand per kilogram. Chicken meat price decreased, from Rp37 thousand per kilogram to Rp32 thousand per kilogram. All prices went down because we have a stable supply and production,” he remarked. He noted if the price of staple goods decreased, then the supply will be abundant. However, if the price increases, then the supply will be rare. Furthermore, regarding the certainty of prices of staple goods during Eid, he noted that it would depend on the supply. “If the supply is abundant, then the price will continue to decrease. Food assistance is one of the semi-market operations to help the community,” he said.

Source: Antara News Agency