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Laos-China train can clear inspection rapidly

On May 10, a Laos-China train cleared rapid inspection procedure at the Laos-China border and reached the Chengdu International Train Station in China’s Sichuan Province smoothly.

With the introduction of new clearance procedure, cargo can now reach its destination within a few hours. This has demonstrated that the Laos-China train has entered a new era of goods clearance.

Previously, a freight train needed to reach an immigration office before clearance process could begin. Border officers must conduct inspection before cargo could be allowed to enter China and passing all of these usually lasted 1-2 days.

Meanwhile, the recently upgraded clearance procedure allows trains to notify the immigration office in advance, before reaching the border gate.

Information on an international freight invoice will be entered into a computer with internet connection before the train reaches a border gate. Once the container crosses a border, officers can check invoice numbers, container numbers, among others, and then issue a clearance permit. The new clearance procedure lasts only 3-5 hours.

This rapid clearance process, being used with the Laos-China railway, will provide enterprises with greater convenience in terms of clearance payment, inspection, and work efficiency.

Source: Lao News Agency