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President urges Luang Namtha to best use potentials for leapfrog growth

President Thongloun Sisoulit has urged leaders of Luang Namtha Province to best use its geographical potentials and rich natural resources to make a leapfrog progress in development.

“Luang Namtha is a hub of transportation for countries in the sub-region as it has international links, is connected with the Laos-China Economic Corridor, the North-South Economic Corridor, and the East-West Economic Corridor (Laos-China-Vietnam-Thailand-Myanmar). Therefore, in order to ensure the development trend meets the abundant potentials in the province, it is necessary for us to think about how to leverage and turn such potentials into a leapfrog growth,” stressed President Thongloun.

Meeting with leaders of the northern province on Feb 8, President Thongloun also called on the local authorities to best use the Laos-China railway to yield optimal benefits, and remove all types of development constraints.

The president also asked the provincial leaders to attach attention to the implementation of the two national agendas – addressing economic and financial difficulties, and tackling drugs related issues.

Source: Lao News Agency