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Covid-19 infections remain high, widespread, a health official cautions

Data recorded between Oct 17-23 shows that Covid-19 infections across the country remain very high and widespread with 515 infections recorded on a single day on average, according to Deputy Director of the Department of Communicable Diseases Control, Ministry of Health, Sisavath Soutthanilaxay.

Vientiane shared 45% of the Covid-19 transmissions recorded in the country.

Meanwhile, Luang Prabang, where 90% of the infections are linked to prisons, and Vientiane (province) recorded a rocket high in Covid-19 infections.

“In some provinces, infections were detected among students and it is likely that they have brought the virus to family. This reflects that the infections tend to be limited to crowded places and gatherings. Therefore, I would like to ask authorities of villages surrounding prisons, educational institutes and factories in each province to communicate to their residents about the risks, and tighten preventive measures,” said on Monday Dr Sisavath Soutthanilaxay.

Infections in Vientiane are worrisome and putting all people in the capital city at high risk because infections have been spreading to all districts covering a large number of villages, offices, factories, markets, educational institutes and prisons, according to the health official.

“Though the Taskforce Committee and relevant authorities have made great prevention efforts, imposing compulsory and medical measures, it is all of us who can make a decisive decision on whether we will survive or not. If someone in a family neglects or is careless about the infection, then their parents, elderly people, and their siblings will be at risk of being infected,” said Dr Sisavath.

Source: Lao News Agency