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Deputy PM proposes expanded partnership with P&G

Hanoi: Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang has proposed US consumer goods giant P and G consider expanding its partnership with Vietnam and facilitating the entry of Vietnamese firms into its global supply chain.

During a reception in Hanoi on March 4 for P and G Vice President Nitin Darbari, Deputy PM Quang hailed the corporation’s investments in Vietnam, totaling 450 million USD since 1995, acknowledging their significant contributions to the country’s socio-economic development and the Vietnam-US relationship.

He also suggested the company pay attention to human resources training in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Government always attaches importance to improving the business environment and promoting transformation to create favourable conditions for foreign enterprises to do long-term business in Vietnam, he said.

Darbari, for his part, commended the Vietnamese Government’s efforts in positioning Vietnam as a foreign investment hub and overcoming the global headwinds to achieve an impressive growth of ove
r 5% last year.

He thanked the Vietnamese Government for its support to P and G during the COVID-19 pandemic and stressed that P and G considers Vietnam one of its strategic markets, aiming to establish the Southeast Asian nation as a regional manufacturing hub and a sustainable supply source for its other markets./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency