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Laos Imports 25,206 vehicles in first four month this year

More than 25,206 vehicles were imported in the first four months of this year, according to Lao Vehicle Industry Association.

“Newly imported vehicles this year comprise 6,884 cars, 17,796 motorcycles and 526 vehicles. Last year record, Laos imported total 80,780 vehicles including 21,887 cars, 58,893 motorcycles and 1.408 vehicles,” said Mr. Phasatxay Philapandeth, President of the Lao Vehicle Industry Association at the annual meeting last week.

“The Lao Vehicle Industry Association is an organization that brings together business units that import vehicles, businesses related to all types of vehicles, spare parts and production equipment and produce other products to export and replace imports from abroad,” said Mr. Phasatxay Philapandeth.

Currently, the association has 34 member companies, including 25 brand distributors, six vehicles and heavy machinery parts distributors, three representative offices and data research companies. Over the past, Lao Vehicle Industry Association has collaborated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to create a curriculum to the national standards of automotive skills.

However, the association still has many challenges to strengthen the association, such as the higher consumption tax on spare parts and tax-free imports and some car agents have not joined the membership.

Source: Lao News Agency