NA asks govt to address educational issues

Members of the National Assembly have urged the government and relevant sectors to attach attention to fulfilling unmet educational goals including a high school dropout rate.

At the ongoing 3rd Ordinary Session of the National Assembly on Monday, members of the National Assembly urged the government, the Ministry of Education and Sports in particular to attach importance to improving the quality of teaching and learning especially through training teachers, school directors, and educational administrators to ensure they meet professional standards, and address problems on the quantity and quality of teachers, teacher allocation and volunteer teachers in remote areas, according to Vice President of the National Assembly Khambay Damlath.

The lawmakers asked the government to improve educational infrastructure, provide enough teaching and learning equipment, improve educational environment, attach attention to the ideological education of teachers and assess on a regular basis the performance of officials, teachers and administrators in the educational and sport sector.

They also urged the improvement of curricula and diversification of teaching techniques, either for in-class, outreach or online modes.

They called on the government to develop and digitalise teaching and learning materials to ensure the Lao people enjoy an equal access to education and strengthen educational institutes’ capability of responding to emergencies and disease outbreaks.

Source: Lao News Agency