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Romulo: Ensure learning continuity with return to old school calendar

MANILA: The chairperson of the House of Representatives Committee on Basic Education and Culture said Thursday that reverting to the old June to March academic calendar would be good but it should ensure learning continuity.

During the Bagong Pilipinas Ngayon Program aired over state-run PTV-4, Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo said holding classes during the summer months of April and May resulted in learning disruptions owing to extreme heat and harsh classroom conditions.

“Alam natin na hindi maganda iyong paputol-putol na klase at equally hindi rin maganda na hindi face-to-face – wala talagang substitute ang face-to-face, iyan talaga ang pinaka-effective. Kailangan talagang minimal lang iyong paggagamit ng online o iyong modules. Kaya dahil tumitindi talaga ang init, maganda na po talaga na maibalik natin sa old academic calendar (We all know that class disruptions and the lack of face-to-face classes are not ideal. There is no substitute to face-to-face learning, which is proven to be the most effective. On
line and modular learning should be limited. That’s why amid the intensifying heat, it would be good to return to the old calendar),” Romulo said.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has already proposed to the Office of the President an aggressive reversion to the old school calendar, which suggests that School Year 2024-2025 end in March 2025.

To implement the aggressive transition, DepEd eyes conducting fewer days of in-person classes, while some days, including Saturdays, will be devoted to the use of Alternative Delivery Modes (ADMs), such as online, modular, and blended learning.

Under this option, the actual in-person classes would only be 165 days.

Romulo said the shortened school days due to a more aggressive reversion to the old academic calendar would not satisfy the 180-day minimum requirement prescribed by law for each school year.

He, however, pointed out that achieving quality education and maximizing learning continuity are more important than reaching the minimum number of school days.

“Siguro hindi naman tayo dapat maging masyadong rigid na kailangan eh maabot natin… ang kailangan po quality education hindi iyong checklist na maabot lang natin iyong minimum number of days. Iyong mga ganoong bagay ay kailangan po ay iyon ang abutin natin. Ang importante po, naihahatid natin kalidad na edukasyon (I think we should not be rigid about reaching this number… what we need is quality education, not a checklist to complete the minimum number of days required. We must focus on that goal. What’s important is that we deliver quality education),” he said.

Romulo said the government should also look into constructing classrooms that could withstand weather conditions, such as high temperatures and typhoons. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency